Wednesday, December 1, 2010

patience is really stretched

I had a very long day. I attended my class early even without sleep from my baby's tantrums because of runny nose and asthma. After school i sent my daughter at school and attended again another class. After two subjects at exactly 3:35 in the afternoon, im rushing to my daughter's school to pick her up because shes already aout at 3:00 pm. We ate our merienda and afterwards i was reminded by the school's administrator for the parents orientation at 5:30 so we went back again to my daughter's school. My daughter, who is two years old is touring around the meeting hall ang getting all the things inside the room so im signalling the nanny to get her(my daughter). I keep on making signals to the nanny but she never mind. I stay calm. After the orientation at 8:00pm, on the car, i instructed the nanny to cook food for ayesha so she can eat rice when we got home. What happened is she went outside the house ang make "tsismis" to the nannies on the neighborhood! I cooked the food, fed my daughter and washed my daughter! So im really pissed off. Its the first time I uttered nasty words to her. I've been very forgiving all the years but she's taking advantage of my kindness so i think what I did was right!